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Monster Mass Review

Mike Changs Monster Mass was the long awaited, much anticipated Muscle Building Product from Mike Chang.

In this Monster Mass Review you can find out more about the product itself.

Much of the Hype came from either Mike Chang himself or his partners.

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I can understand the hype as all of mike chang’s products seem to generate a mass hysteria of fascination.

So what is Monster Mass by Mike Chang?

Monster Mass by Mike Chang has been hailed as a program to end all Muscle Mass Building programs, hence the aptly named Monster Mass.

The program is presented in 10 Modules that Mike Chang Refers to as Monster Sets.

The Monster Mass Workout Modules and all Modules Focus on each core Muscle Group:

  • Chest and Back
  • Biceps and Triceps
  • Shoulders and Traps


Here is a shot of the Product itself:

Monster Mass Reviews

Here are some of the core Elements that you get with Mike Changs Monsters Mass:

Mike changs monster mass new product

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Who should sign up for Monster Mass, and who should not sign up?

Monster Mass is an extreme muscle building program, and it is intended only for “skinny” or “average” men who want to build muscle. If you consider yourself “obese,” or “overweight” right now, then your main goal should be losing fat and Monster Mass isn’t for you.

Also, the Monster Mass workouts are INTENSE. Because they consist of 100% Monster Sets, every set will be two challenging bodybuilding exercises done back to back with no rest. If you’re a motivated guy who’s willing to push yourself, Monster Mass will be great for you.

But if you have physical or psychological problems that make intense workouts dangerous for you, you should not sign up for Monster Mass.

Bottom line if you’re a guy who wants to build muscle and you’re motivated to push yourself through short, intense workouts Monster Mass was designed specifically for you.

What makes this program different from other muscle building programs?

The biggest difference is that Monster Mass is 100% based on a new bodybuilding technique called “Monster Sets.” Monster sets consist of doing two exercises for opposing muscle groups back to back with no rest. Monster Sets are also known by their scientific name, “agonist-antagonist supersets.”

And finally, Monster Mass is not just a workout course. When you sign up for Monster Mass, you also receive the following bonuses included free with your purchase:

  • The Monster Mass Diet & Recipe Guide
  • The 15 Universal Laws Of Muscle Building Video and eBook
  • 30 day supply of my Afterburn Fuel Fuel pre-workout supplement
  • 30 day trial membership to my Advanced Fitness Coaching program

The Monster Mass Diet will teach you exactly how to eat to build muscle. I’ll also give you a 30 day supply of the pre-workout supplement I personally take, and teach you about the other supplements available.

Finally, I’ll show you the principles and mindsets you need to build muscle in the 15 Universal Laws Of Muscle Building.

Mike Changs Monster Mass Diet:

the monster mass workout diet
This is an awesome Bonus!

The Monster Mass Diet is where Mike Chang will show you what to eat and when to eat it. Not only that, but Mike will also show you how to cook it!

Included in the Monster Mass Diet Bonus is A whole bunch of recipes that are super easy to follow and are essential for building Muscle.

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The 15 Laws of Muscle Building

15 Laws of Muscle Building by Mike Chang

This Module received a lot of rave reviews.

This alone will give you a massive edge over everybody else trying to build muscle.

The 15 Laws of Muscle Building included in Monster Mass, will cover Muscle Building techniques and tactics used by pro athletes and Bodybuilders. These laws are rarely, if ever talked about.

This is what makes Monster Mass so unique, you’ll learn serious insider tactics and what’s more is…they actually WORK!

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Monster Mass Advanced Fitness Coaching

Mike chang advanced coaching

Mike Changs Advanced Fitness coaching is also another Bumper bonus for you.

Every month, your gonna receive a brand New DVD which will be sent to you personally by Mike Chang as part of your Advanced Fitness coaching.

On these DVD’s your going to have access to content only available to Mike Changs Advanced Fitness Coaching, you get access to this if you buy Monster Mass From Mike Chang Today!

You also get a 30 Day Trial of After Burn Fuel.

Rumour has it, Afterburn fuel will soon be released as a Standalone product, if you buy Monster Mass today, you get it for free.

This Afterburn Fual Supplement is propietary to Mike Chang and Monster Mass and has never been released…until now!

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Be Warned: After a full review of Monster Mass, it was obvious that this was a High Intensity Program, which is designed for guys who want to Bulk up fast, if you would prefer to take things slowly then Monster Mass is not for you.

Monster Mass is a complete Muscle Building program built on 8 core Muscle Building Workouts, that requires only simple equipment to use, most of the workouts can be done at home, most basic gyms with basic equipment will be fine for using Monster Mass and performing the Monster Mass Workouts.

The product is in 2 parts, there are the online Modules and also a physical DVD set that is shipped worldwide.

The Monster Mass Diet is where Mike Chang will show you all the recipes and foods that Mike eats specifically for bulking up, these foods are essential and are an excellent addition to Monster Mass.

The 15 Laws of Muscle Building alone is worth the entire cost of Monster Mass. In it Mike Chang teaches you SERIOUS methods for getting huge fast. Methods that are especially focused towards the Chest and Biceps.

So if getting a big Chest and Big Arms is your Goal, then Monster Mass is for you.

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